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The NBA Logo Jerry West Silhouette Is Under Fire

NBA logo Jerry West

The NBA Logo Jerry West edition has been under a lot of fire over the past few months. Fans are calling for a change. It is no wonder that they wanted it done amid the tragic events that befell Kobe Bryant and company. However, should they change the logo to honour Kobe Bryant?

With that said, let’s discuss the NBA Logo – Jerry West’s silhouette. And find out what the history of this logo is. It is no accident; the creator of the NBA Logo, Alan Siegel, modelled it after Jerry West. However, it’s not what the NBA would like you to think.

The logo symbolizes how far the NBA has come and has stood the test of time. A logo change would be a tough proposition for anyone. But, it would be especially challenging for a global brand like the NBA.

When we think of tech companies such as Apple, we see the logo change. But it is expected because they are the cutting edge of technology. It is not uncommon for a logo such as this to change throughout time. However, the shape of the logo doesn’t change; it is the colour and texture that is modified.

So, let’s see how the Jerry West NBA logo silhouetted in, and the likelihood of them changing that logo.

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How Did Jerry West Become The NBA Logo?

In 1969 the NBA was in a bitter lockout and power struggle with the American Basketball Association. It was at this time that the NBA looked to Alan Siegel to design a logo for them. Although the NBA logo is, in fact, Jerry West, it was not intentional to have him on there.

When Alan poured over as many photos as he could of NBA players, he came across Jerry West. It instantly grabbed his attention. A great fit for what he was looking for, being a vertical piece. It also captured the overall essence of the NBA.

The NBA and their commissioner continue to deny whether or not the NBA logo is Jerry West. But it is hard to deny that the NBA Logo is modelled after him streaking down the court. The association may not want anyone to think of something more significant than the game, the reason why they will not admit that Jerry West is the NBA logo. Or, at the very least it is modelled after him.

It’s undeniable that Jerry West was the model of the logo, whether the NBA will admit or not. The logo is iconic, and Alan Siegal was able to capture the essence of the league through inspiration from a photo of Jerry West.

Does Jerry West Still Want To Be The Logo?

As quoted from ESPN’s Jump, “I wish that it had never gotten out that I’m the logo” West added. “It’s flattering if that’s me – and I know it is me – But it is flattering.” So, although no one will admit that Jerry West is the NBA Logo, it is the only truth that anyone can really see.

Due to the humble nature of Jerry West, he doesn’t like to take credit for being the logo. When asked about changing the logo, he responded with, “I wish they would. In many ways, I wish they would.”

Jerry West may feel that it is time to change the NBA Logo, but is it something that should be changed. Although all signs point to Jerry West no longer wanting to be the NBA Logo, how would the NBA move on from something that has been so iconic and become such a massive part of their branding?

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Any great player would be an excellent fit for the logo. Michael Jordan was even getting a personal endorsement from the “logo” himself. Evidently, Jerry West wants to pass it to another player.

Should Kobe Be The New NBA Logo?

Kobe Bryant transcended the game of basketball and left a lasting impression on the league no matter how you feel about him. When his life was tragically cut short, the fans began to think about what needs to be done to honour such a legend of the game.

Kobe Bryant embodies what the NBA is; his level of competition was fierce and he was tenacious every time he was on the court. It’s easy to see the greatness of Kobe Bryant. His stat line is one of the best in history. But it isn’t his stat line that would make the best case for him being the NBA Logo.

Even the logo creator himself told Newsweek, “This is a really serious thing that should be considered by the league.” Kobe Bryant was one of the very few athletes that the game was not able to contain. Anyone would be hard-pressed to meet someone that had no clue who Kobe Bryant was because he was more than just a basketball star.

There wouldn’t be very many candidates that would be better than Kobe Bryant. He helped usher the league into a new era, and it would pay a massive honour to a life that was cut far too short.

Should The NBA Change Their Logo?

This is a tough question to ask because there is so much history in the NBA logo Jerry West edition (whether they want to admit it or not). League logos don’t change very often. So, if the NBA changes its logo, they may be setting precedence around professional sports.

Although this is true about league logos, it is not true about team logos. It seems like logos for teams change every day. What is trendy one year looks horrible five years later. With that said, is it something the NBA should genuinely consider?

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When you think about the NBA Logo, it is something that has stood the test of time with no modifications. Even Apple has changed its logo more than a few times over the last 20 years. It is hard to develop logos that don’t need to change because they transcend time.

So, is the NBA logo really outdated? It is a resounding no because that is what you can imagine of when you think of the NBA. However, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t time for a change.

The Facts

There is no way that the NBA will change the logo. That means the NBA Logo Jerry West silhouette will continue to be printed on jerseys for the foreseeable future. There isn’t anything wrong with the NBA keeping the logo, and that is because it transcends time.

It’s pretty clear that Jerry West was the inspiration, even though the NBA sees the logo as generic. Alan Siegel told the times, “I took that picture, and we traced it. It was perfect.” Jerry West will continue to be the logo no matter how many petitions will be filled out.

For the NBA logo, Jerry West is an excellent model because he is humble and hardworking. That doesn’t mean that Kobe Bryant wouldn’t be a great logo; it just means that Jerry West isn’t a wrong choice. Alan Siegel did so too well when tasked to do the job of creating a logo for the NBA.

The logo is iconic, and I’m sure that the NBA doesn’t feel a rebranding of their product is worth the effort at this time. Why rebrand something that is working and has continued to work for over 45 years. That being said, we will not probably see an NBA logo change in the future.

Final Thoughts

The NBA Logo is the NBA Logo, and if it should or shouldn’t change is the association’s decision.

If Kobe Bryant was to assume the role of the logo, anybody would probably agree. That includes the current logo Jerry West.

One thing is or sure, the NBA should at least tribute Kobe Bryant even if they don’t make him the logo. Maybe something similar to Jackie Robinson Day in Baseball.

During tragic events such as Kobe Bryant’s death, it is hard to contemplate the future. The basketball world was shaken to its core, so it is no wonder that the fans want to do something so massive to honour someone that meant so much to them.

The NBA Logo Jerry West edition is something that will continue to appear. Just because the NBA doesn’t change the logo, it doesn’t mean they aren’t mourning like the rest of us. Jerry West’s silhouette on the NBA logo will be on the NBA player’s chest for years to come.


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