Who Is Luka Doncic And What Did He Contribute To Dallas Mavericks?

Who Is Luka Doncic And What Did He Contribute To Dallas Mavericks?

Who Is Luka Doncic And What Did He Contribute To Dallas Mavericks?

Luka Doncic / Image source: theathletic

Luka Doncic, the NBA rookie who plays for Dallas Mavericks, is leading the team to their 2020 playoffs. The team has not taken part in the playoffs for the last three years.

The comeback is courtesy of Luka’s massive leap in this season, which has earned 20 points in rebounds and assist games. Luka seemed to have had his success overnight. The only one who has earned more than 20 points this season.

He has transformed himself into a superstar within a short period of time. Luka now ranks among the top ten players and is a walking bucket in the NBA.

It is hard for most NBA players to make such a move compared to Luka given his age.

Luka Doncic height and weight

Most people agree that Luka Doncic is an exciting player who has made a name for himself as an NBA player. However, they disagree on his height. Dallas Mavericks, in fact, have different values for his height on the draft section of the NBA.

Luka’s height is noted as 6’7,” but on the player page of NBA.com it is 6’6”. The official Euro league website record that Luka is 6.5, which seems to be true.

Luka weighs about 104 kgs or 230 pounds. His weight is not a surprise to many given his height and body size.

NBA Draft

Luka Doncic went third on the 2018 draft despite being honoured as the best teen player in the European league. Two teams passed on in the 2018 draft. But, these teams are regretting their decisions when they witnessed the grit this player has in, on the pitch.

Currently, he is the only NBA player who is in the top 11 points per game. His previous record at 42-point triple-double at the European league should have made him the number one draft.

Before the NBA draft, the Suns general manager got fired; and it seems this affected Luka’s draft significantly. The front officer went ahead to draft Marvin Bagley, who is a good prospect as Luka Doncic was a new name in the NBA. Once Luka got in the field, he proved that he should have been drafted first. 

Luka Doncic Success story

Kokoskov, who coached the Slovenian team, reported that he was impressed by Luka’s work ethics and commitment towards the team. He added that Luka was very talented and contributed a lot to him as a coach.

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Luka Doncic was the best pick for the rotational player and exceeded Kokoskov’s expectation. He found a way of handling his position effectively which made the team successful.

The team helped build his capabilities by believing in him and assigning him the role of a lead player. At the same time, Luka helped to build the team by placing it in a better position on the rankings of the NBA. 

Achieving this level of success in the NBA is not easy, especially in two seasons only. Yet, Luka Doncic has managed to do well.

He’s only in his second season of NBA and Luka has wowed many personalities in the field already. Most of the players in history have not attained this kind of success; he has been an exception.

The 21-year-old player has managed to improve from a simple rookie to an All-Star player in a year. Furthermore, he is anticipated to improve in the third season. 

Luka will probably remain to be the NBA’s pick as the third season approaches. He will likely be the best roll ball handler in the coming season.

Luka Doncic strength

He is anticipated to work on his 3-point shooting ability which will help him improve his finishing in the game.

His effective use of the left hand is an asset for the game, especially in helping him beat double teams. Opponent teams might have to look at other ways of beating him as sending two players does not work.

The key to his success is his capability to thrive in any game-situation and beat more than one opponent at a time.

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Statistics on Luka’s games

In their last game with Spurs in San Antonio on 26th Feb, Luka had 26-points-double. That boosted the points of his team.

The team finished at 41.9 points and earned 109-103 victory against Spurs. This was the 36th win for Dallas – a rough shooting for the team.

For Dallas Mavericks, they managed to win the first two games against Spurs this season. The success is attributed to the winning moves pulled by Luka. The team, moreover, was able to win the AT&T center, which they had not won since 2017. 

Current game statistics on Luka Doncic show that he has 55% on true scores, 71% on free throws, and 31% on used. Tendencies statistics on previous games are 43% on 3pt. frequency and 41% on FT frequencies.

On passing the ball, his scores are 32% on assists and 15% on turnovers. Data on defense is 13% on rebound, 0.9% on block, 1.6% on steel and -1.0% on defense. Luka is projected to have more improvement in his next games.

Most players gain more experience with more games. For Luka, his start off has been good and is an indicator that he will be more engaging in his future games. 

Luka’s Jersey

The 21-year-old is enormous and wears size 52 with 6 inches extra length of jersey registered with the NBA. His jersey is number 77. He says that even as a kid, he has always been fascinated by the number 7.

Luka wore a jersey with number 7 in his previous Slovenian team, EuroBasket. His new uniform is sleeveless and is white with blue on the sleeves, but the jersey comes in pure blue colour too. 

Best Of Luka Doncic | 2019-20 NBA Season


The 21-year-old Dallas rookie is dealing with a knee injury. He said that he felt a pop on his knee during the accident when they were playing against Houston. Issues with his knees and the ankles made him miss almost ten games.

Additionally, he missed another game previously due to a strained left hip as a result of playing rigorously. 

With a team of doctors attending to him, it seems like he has gotten better. And there is a high chance that Luka will be going back to the field soon. He will most likely participate in the game against Sacramento Kings.

His coach has stated that during practice, Luka seems fine and will be ready to play again in due time. Without Luka, it seems as if the team is not the same as he has climbed to be the best on the roster. 

Luka’s Net worth

After landing on the draft, he got on a three-year contract worth $22.3 million. He has endorsed different household brands such as Nike and Jordan. According to him, those were lucrative deals. Although, he decided to keep the deal private.

Celebrity Net Worth indicates that Luka Doncic, as of 2019, is worth about $5 million

People will continue to enjoy his games as he continues to win and place his team in a better place in the NBA.

However, as the virus continues to cause tension around the globe, Luka Doncic is under isolation in his home, just like the rest of the people. He has been laying low about his personal life.

Luka and his girlfriend, Anna-Maria Goltes and their dog, are bonding as the country goes on lockdown. He probably understands the need to stay home during the crisis and hopes that this pandemic ends and that people can go back to their normal lives.

Luka Doncic Background

Luka Doncic was born on February 28, 1999. His parents divorced when he was only nine years old where his mother gained custody. His mom, Mirjam Poterbin, supported his dreams as a young boy to date even after he ventured into NBA; she has appeared on most of his games.

Mirjam appeared to the 2018 NBA draft as well as 2019 awards, where his son was the Rookie of the year. Luka says that his mom has been the wheel behind his success. She helped him chase his dreams while giving him space and cultivating the spirit of independence. 

Mirjam is not only the mother of the best NBA player; she is a model who has appeared on the runways. She owns a beauty salon and takes part in social media activities.

The mother, a Slovenian, was a hurdler and a dancer. It explains where Luka got his balance and skill. She appears in most of her son’s games which will likely continue as they have a close relationship.

We played as a team all season even when we had a lot of injuries and many problems because of that. In the end, we played together, as a team, and that was one of the keys to winning.

Luka Doncic


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