Is Zaire Blessing Dwyane Wade Following His Dad's Footsteps?

Is Zaire Blessing Dwyane Wade Following His Dad’s Footsteps?

Zaire Blessing Dwyane Wade

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Zaire Blessing Dwyane Wade is the firstborn son of the former NBA star Dwyane Wade. He has younger siblings – brother Xavier and two sisters, Zaya and Kavia. He and the eldest sister accompanied their father to games where they could make shots during team warm-ups.

The young man is already drawing the attention of the top basketball programs like the NCAA division.

Zaire Blessing Dwyane Wade’s early life

Zaire Blessing Dwyane Wade was born in Chicago. After his parents got divorced in 2010, his father married Gabrielle Union – an actress, later in 2014. He was just eight years old when his parents divorced.

He seemed to spend most of the time with his father. He had the company of his father before his stepmother stepped in, in 2014. Being the son of a former Siohvaughn Funches and national basketball player, he spent most of his free time with Dwyane Wade on the courts making shots.

Like his father, Zaire Blessing Dwyane Wade was more into sports; avoiding being involved in drugs. His father guided him, and he seems to be in the right direction. That’s his nature; grown to emulate his father.

He would stick around during the team warm-ups. He also seemed to be fascinated by basketball and adored the father and other basketball legends.

Zaire Blessing Dwyane Wade’s Height

He isn’t yet what exactly his father was, but regardless, he is quite young and his basketball career still has a room with multiple options. Like a guard, the 6-foot 3 points tall young man has all the chances and options of where he can grow his career in the future. He is quite the phenom and has the potential to surpass his dad’s achievement in basketball.

Zaire Blessing Dwyane Wade’s Age

The young Wade was born on February 4, 2002. He has been into basketball since he was a kid. And now, he is already an American basketball player. Zaire Blessing Dwyane Wade is attending school at Los Angeles in Sierra Canyon School, where he has been polishing his skills and has attracted even the national media outlet. He is currently ranked by the 247sports composite as a three-star prospect, 33-point guard, and no. 197 nationwide.

High school

During his freshman year, Wade spent high school in Chicago. He played basketball for Mount Carmel High School which has helped him improve his performance.

Furthermore, his academic performance seems to not affect his career, unlike his father during high school. Dwyane Wade struggled with his grades in high school, hence he was not recruited and it seems to be an opposite situation for his son.

Zaire Blessing Dwyane Wade’s progress is very smooth. He could land a good deal on his college basketball career because his academic standing is not a problem.

His team at mount Carmel High School included his cousin, Morris Dahveon; both had the best time playing for the team as freshmen. He then moved to join the American Heritage Team in Florida for the last two years. He showed progress and had developed his gaming as a back but still seemed to have more potential.


Zaire Blessing Dwyane Wade then received the news that during his senior year in high school, he would transfer to Sierra Canyon – a private school in Los Angeles. He would join Bronny James, the son of the famous, LeBron James.

When on his first division, Zaire accepted the offer from the University of Nebraska in August 2019. Since then, he has continuously received scholarship offers from DePaul, Toledo, and Rhodes Island. While he has only a chance to pick one of his best and powerful five-team, he only got four more games at Sierra Canyon before the season is over. Still, he has the best part of the year to attract more interests for his college career.

Wade’s primary role at Sierra Canyon team could be relatively small as there is no availability of official game stats; his guard point is going scoreless. In the recent games in four minutes, he has totalled six points for his team. His most significant credit is that the high school is one of the top teams in the country – Trailblazers being ranked 3rd in school teams.

Also, Sierra Canyon is full of elite school talent including B.J. Boston – five-star prospect shooting guard, Zaire Williams – five-star small forward and Terren Frank – five-star forward.

Zaire Wade could land good collegiate deals from:

1.    Nebraska

There are so many special things with the first scholarship offer. Nebraska currently leads the curve and has rated the class, talented man in the coming year or provide him with older mentors as he continues polishing his career.

If he gets the deal, he will have to face the 6-foot 6-point man Western Kentuck who is sitting due to transfer rule by NCAA. He could also have the chance of meeting Fred Hoiberg who coached his father and has a good record of maintaining his team to four straight NCAA appearances since 2012.

The coach has a play that favours the guard and could highly benefit a player like Zaire. Currently, Cornhusker’s top scorers are guards, which indicated that the game best supports them. In Nebraska, Wade could help pretty much better.

2. Miami

Like Nebraska, Miami university team comprises of a heavy guard system with 4 of its member topping in scores. Zaire’s father was one of the best players in Miami Heat. The father once said that the team was interested in his son. The guards topping in scores could give Wade an early playtime and expose him to improvements and achievements.

With the coaches, Larranaga and Hurricanes, who have come out to be successful in the recent seasons, Zaire would improve to be one of the best guards in the country. He could add to the list of top guards NBA ever had like Bruce Bowen Junior, Sheldon Mac, and Shane Larkin.

3. Marquette

Zaire’s father spent two seasons and had an incredible career at Marquette. It could now be the chance of Zaire to have his best share. They have not yet shown any interest on the guard, but it is a deal worth it.

It would not be good to think that the team will not scout on one of the sons of their best player of all time. Zaire will not find Howards, the current top point guard who has an average of 20 points during the season. But it’s fair enough to think that Marquette has what Zaire needs.

Additionally, like Miami, Marquette plays in the basketball conferences in the country. This could give Zaire robust competition and excellent media attention.

However, Zaire Blessing Dwyane Wade announced recently to have received a scholarship offer from Nebraska Cornhuskers to play college basketball. He said he felt blessed to be considered by the University of Nebraska. The stepmother who also has been a Nebraska native said they would attend the first game of the season on September 1.

Showing his skills

He is currently budding the 2020 class prospect in Florida at the American Heritage School and the 17-U Nike EYBL circuit. Last year in July, he displayed his abilities in creating offensive space and scored a basket against the New York Knicks.

The video of him tackling Tim Hardaway junior went viral, which is quite a plus for him. He got so much feedback from the fans, and during the last film sessions, he sat alongside Kevin Durant – the superstar of Golden State Warriors. Durant urged him to stay aggressive and offered himself to be always available in case he needs advice in the future.

Wade’s progress is notable, and he continues to develop his gaming over the last two years of his high school years. He is expected to receive more offers which will guide him in making his collegiate choices.

Zaire Blessing Dwyane Wade as a son and brother

Zaire has turned to be very supportive of his family. And because he and his sister Zaya who has confirmed to be transgender seemed to be very close, he has stood to support the idea of Zaya being referred to as she.

Zaya was previously known as Zain. But after a show with Ellen, she said she would want to be referred to as a female. At the age of 12, it’s a tough decision for her to make. And if she does not get such support from family, it would not be possible for her to use a transgender title.

They have grown to do most of the activities together and even went to the court with their father along. Zaire has already given a point in basketball career while Zaya is not yet there. Zaire has already sworn to help out his sister.

He has consistently told that he loves her and considered her as his best friend. For they have spent much time together, he would do anything to make her life good and happy.


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